State Senator Jack Martins used every trick in the book to try and block a fair and honest primary.

Major Defeat for Republican Establishment

Martins and Long Island Republican Machine Suffer Major Defeat In Bid To Block Congressional Primary

  • Board of Elections Claims it Can’t Pull Off Election on Time
  • ​Pidot Demands New Date for Primary

June 24, 2016

The Long Island Republican political machine was dealt a stunning loss today as conservative Republican reform candidate Philip “Flip” Pidot won a two-month-long legal battle in New York State Supreme Court to challenge Republican establishment-backed State Senator Jack Martins in a June 28 primary for Congress in New York’s 3rd Congressional District.

Because of Martins’ frivolous and misleading delay tactics, the New York State Board of Elections has testified it can’t pull off an election in time for Tuesday’s primary. The Pidot campaign is now demanding a new primary date be scheduled.

“Today we’ve proven that the full force of the corrupt Long Island political machine can be beaten, but the job is not yet done if the Board of Elections fails to uphold the right of voters to choose between two equally validated candidates,” Pidot said. “Democracy is on trial in New York and this is a trial that must be won.”

Pidot spent six weeks in court — pleading for the case to be heard and petitions to be counted in State Supreme and Appellate Court — and spending tens of thousands of dollars fighting the Long Island GOP machine and its election lawyers, who larded up the docket with technicalities, procedural objections and downright false claims — all in attempt to run out the clock before next week’s primary.

Republican Congressional primary candidiate Phillip Pidot is demanding a new primary date.