Senator Jack Martins Went to Great Lengths Protecting His Corrupt Meal Ticket Dean Skelos

Now he's running for congress.

State Senator Jack Martins, a Republican running for Congress in District 3, tried to keep his longtime confidant, ally and campaign contributor, then Majority Leader Dean Skelos, in power -- even after his arrest on corruption charges.

A little more than a year ago, as Republicans, Democrats and GOP leaders across New York were calling on Skelos to step down as majority leader of the New York State Senate after he was arrested and charged with bribery, extortion and conspiracy (charges that he was eventually convicted of), Sen. Martins doubled down on his support for Skelos.

In addition to signing a support letter for Skelos, Martins, while presiding over the Senate floor, blocked a vote to remove Skelos on procedural grounds and squashed any debate on the floor by turning off the microphones of detractors. Martins, who accepted as much as $20,000 in campaign contributions from Skelos and was also subpoenaed in the investigation, told the Daily News at the time, “I don’t think we should make that decision at this point because I don’t think he’s let anyone down.”

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“Really senator, Dean Skelos didn’t let anyone down?” said Philip “Flip” Pidot, who is running against Martins in the June 28 GOP Primary.

“If Sen. Martins couldn’t discern that bribery, extortion and corruption were clear grounds for removal, he’s not only not fit for Congress, but for any public office,” Pidot continued. “It’s clear that when it comes to protecting special interests, his donors, party bosses and the Long Island political machine come first.”

Pidot, a staunch advocate for state and federal term limits, a full national fiscal audit to root out hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and inefficiencies, and for sharply lower personal and business taxes to spur economic growth in America, has been highly critical of Sen. Martins and his loyalty to special interests.

To date, the Pidot has highlighted other reasons why Martins is unfit for Congress, notably the following:

  • Martins ties to Harendra Singh, the Long Island restaurateur who was indicted on 13 counts of bribing public officials, obstruction of justice, defrauding the government out of emergency relief funds, and failing to report off-the- books wages to employees. Martins, who accepted tens of thousands of dollars from Singh and his business interests, had introduced legislation on their behalf that stalled in Albany after news reports exposed its clear pay-to- play implications.

  • Martins tried to use his influence to have LIPA restore power to one of his generous donors, Physicians Reciprocal Insurers (PRI), during Hurricane Sandy while hundreds of thousands of Long Islanders were in the dark. The firm, which donated handsomely to Martins, also hired Adam Skelos for a no-show job to maintain relations with the then majority leader and his Long Island colleagues.

“There’s a clear pattern of behavior between Sen. Martins and his big donors and power brokers,” Pidot said. “Congress is the last place that voters ought to be sending Sen. Martins.”

State Senator Jack Martins and his biggest supporter, convicted felon Dean Skelos.